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Free to be me !

I have been amazed recently in that I have met a number of women of all ages that have expressed a wish to desperately change their current situations! It seems that the real issue is not the concern of how they got into the current positions but rather how do they get out ? Not […]

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The Serenity Prayer

There is lots to do in our time on earth but without a doubt these words make it easier to decide what to do with the precious time that we have! Over time I will explain why this is our best time on earth! But trust me now when i say ,just as suncreen is […]

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Going Live with BrettDungan.com

Here we go ! A big step but if we are to keep up to date we must keep learning . I hope you will all come on the journey with me and I invite you to use the platform to help achieve all our goals. Regards Brett(me)

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