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Free to be me !

I have been amazed recently in that I have met a number of women of all ages that have expressed a wish to desperately change their current situations! It seems that the real issue is not the concern of how they got into the current positions but rather how do they get out ? Not […]

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Minister of Tourism

When I look back and think about all that has been done and how much effort has been put into the South African Tourism industry it is really rewarding to recieve an aknowledgment like this from the minister! Partnerships to achieve goals are important as if there is not a common goal and vision too […]

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When you are out and about you can either be the audience or the actors! As an observer you have no say and can only participate when asked to. In life,if you take the lead you will decide who to talk to , when to move on and what aspects to focus on for your […]

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