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Letter to TBCSA Board and CEO’s Forum

I have taken my roles on the various boards very seriously and have had time to reflect on what I believe, needs to be done in order to achieve an independent and credible private sector for tourism. Once this is achieved the definition of the public sectors role in creating the platform for us to […]

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Minister of Tourism

When I look back and think about all that has been done and how much effort has been put into the South African Tourism industry it is really rewarding to recieve an aknowledgment like this from the minister! Partnerships to achieve goals are important as if there is not a common goal and vision too […]

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Why worry!

What me worry? Alfred E Newman I just love MADMags it shows us tounge in cheek what our lives are really like, but because its a comic we all laugh at the senarios that play out in it! We all have days when you just dont seem to make progress and question yourself WHY? Well […]

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The Serenity Prayer

There is lots to do in our time on earth but without a doubt these words make it easier to decide what to do with the precious time that we have! Over time I will explain why this is our best time on earth! But trust me now when i say ,just as suncreen is […]

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Words of Wisdom

Our Future

I have asked all the “greys koppe/grey heads” i know to add thier thoughts to this site. There is soo much that gets lost with the passing of each generation that I thought we really needed to find a way to capture these gems of wisdom in a format that the next generation will understand […]

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