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Letter to TBCSA Board and CEO’s Forum

I have taken my roles on the various boards very seriously and have had time to reflect on what I believe, needs to be done in order to achieve an independent and credible private sector for tourism. Once this is achieved the definition of the public sectors role in creating the platform for us to […]

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Appreciation from Fedhasa

Fedhasa Letter Dear Brett YOUR RESIGNATION FROM FEDHASA It is with sadness that I have the responsibility as Chairman of the National Management Board, to acknowledge and accept your resignation from FEDHASA with effect from 31st December 2011. We salute your efforts in having managed the process of positively restructuring of the association with undying […]

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The following are Not sustainable -Systems of any sort without controls and management Is not sustainable -Meetings with no measurable outcomes Is not sustainable -Gearing beyond your ability to repay Is not sustainable -Public servants in fancy cars , flying in first class seats or buying private jets Is not sustainable -Huge payouts or settlements […]

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The richest man in Babylon

Click on the book to read it ! Make sure your children understand it and make it’s fundamentals a habit for your family. Money cant make you happy but certainly can make you comfortable. Pass it on to all you know it offers sound advice without any of the clutter of today’s banking system.

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