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The following are Not sustainable -Systems of any sort without controls and management Is not sustainable -Meetings with no measurable outcomes Is not sustainable -Gearing beyond your ability to repay Is not sustainable -Public servants in fancy cars , flying in first class seats or buying private jets Is not sustainable -Huge payouts or settlements […]

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Do not complain if you do not try and make it right!

Corruption, the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, is the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development in South Africa today, it distorts markets, stifles economic growth, debases democracy and undermines the rule of law. Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power by political leaders or bureaucracy for personal gain or specific group […]

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What should I do now?

How much time we spend having meetings has become a way of measuring how busy we are. The reality of it is unless there are measurable and predetermined outcomes they have no value ! Meetings nowadays offer all in them a sense of comfort and reason to justify doing NOTHING. Generally the larger the meeting […]

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The Serenity Prayer

There is lots to do in our time on earth but without a doubt these words make it easier to decide what to do with the precious time that we have! Over time I will explain why this is our best time on earth! But trust me now when i say ,just as suncreen is […]

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Aquarius and change!

Accept that the one constant is change and as much as we enjoy our comfort zones we have to learn to embrace rather than be afraid of it! In the Aquarian Age all things are non-traditional, non-conforming, rebellious, questioning, technological and scientific. Aquarius therefore rules electricity, computers, airplanes, flight, democracy, humanitarian efforts and astrology . […]

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When you are out and about you can either be the audience or the actors! As an observer you have no say and can only participate when asked to. In life,if you take the lead you will decide who to talk to , when to move on and what aspects to focus on for your […]

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My wife

It would not have been possible to do any of the things I have without her support ! Thank you Sam I love you and appreciate the freedom you have given to me to achieve my goals. Most importantly thanks for putting up with me ,looking after me and bringing up our beautiful children ! […]

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Totally Mobile

Brett Dungan

Anywhere anytime always on

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Going Live with

Here we go ! A big step but if we are to keep up to date we must keep learning . I hope you will all come on the journey with me and I invite you to use the platform to help achieve all our goals. Regards Brett(me)

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