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Malicious web article

The wonders of the web can only be outweighed by the damage that it can do .
I have recently been expanding my portfolio and in that process recieved some strange questions during interviews about ethics and morals? While I am comfortable that I managed to deal with the questions effectively I couldn’t help to understand what had triggered them, so I asked and the answer was amazing.
In 2010 ,a women wrote a blog which was less than flattering about me and most importantly the facts untrue (a testimony by the numerous reference letters received post 2010 for my positive contributions to the industry from the likes of the  Minister of Tourism , TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa and other prominent tourism leaders )
I won’t give any credence to the actual blog by mentioning names ,but include a screenshot of the article below.

So as I have never met with this woman , I decided to research her and was relieved to find this article amongst others which certainly do not cast her in a positive light !

Anyway damage done and absolutely no way to understand what the effects of this have been on my life!

Please take care of what you say and write ,you have no idea how that may affect someone’s future.

More importantly take the time to establish what is the truth behind “facts and statements ” on the internet especially on sites where there are no verification check and balances required to make a statement!

As for me – if you want to know something about me please just ask , I have nothing to hide .

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Another successful project!

Royal Bafokeng Nation
CV Personal Tourism

Redeployment within the Royal Bafokeng Nation

I came to the Royal Bafokeng 4 years ago and am very proud of what we have achieved during this time in reaching our mandate for both the nation as which was focused both on presentation and sustainability of the tourism assets under its control and personally with these amazing people.

I have been fortunate through my hospitality experience to have learnt and embraced a variety of skills and knowledge of many industries and technologies. As a result of that I have been redeployed by Kgosi (King) within the group to spearhead innovation projects that will assist the Nation in achieving its vision for the future!

Looking forward to this next exciting chapter and all that it will involve .

Tap on pic to read note  from Kgosi to the Board Chairman

Bohemian Personal Tourism

Time to Ride!

So with the kids at boarding school Samantha and I have decided to get out and explore about more of this beautiful country!


So how we going to do that you ask ?

BMW K1600 GLT Executive image

So to do that you need to pass the learners exam which I can tell you is no easy feat!


That done it’s all the safety equipment and other touring essentials that are required.

The routes planed are Drakensberg ,Botswana and Namibia for now but who knows where we will end up?


Rustenburg is the perfect springboard for these adventures. Here’s to many safe kilometers and great adventures!


CV New Start Tourism Words of Wisdom

What you have learnt can’t be unlearnt!


When I started with the Royal Bafokeng Nation three years ago it was as the head of the RBI school of hospitality .

It was my dream to be “normal” and have a “normal ” job , and this process was what I thought would make me happy and my life simple !

But that is NOT how life works !!!

So in January 2016 I start my new position as the CEO of Royal Bafokeng Tourism which is responsible for the promotion and turnaround of all the Nations tourism assets .

I am honored to have been selected and trusted with this position and the way that both my family and I have to been accepted by this  community has been a lesson in humility and testimony to the good in all South Africans if only you take the time and make the effort to recognize it!

Job Creation Personal Tourism Words of Wisdom

Heaven on earth , book your place here ! Winterton KZN ZA

Source: Click here to book !

CV Job Creation Tourism

Royal Bafokeng Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism attractions and incredible facilities make Rustenburg with its various accommodation and specialist high performance sports centre,together with the Royal Marang Hotel , this is Rustenburg’s luxury getaway area . When you have to package , develops and operate the assets into a user friendly and enjoyable offering, that is real progress and satisfaction .We look forward to welcoming you to Phokeng soon!

An amazing opportunity to develop and mentor the next generation of hospitality superstars.

Source: Click here to visit the Royal Bafokeng Tourism Web Site

Developing the Ananda Hotel and Hospitality School !








CV Fedhasa Personal Tourism


What an incredible recommendation!

It is only once you start to document/collate/record the things that you have done that you realise your achievements.

You also realise more than ever it is actually the people that you work with and those that support you that make those achievements all possible!

Click on the link below to read the letter of reference from Jaime Byrom

To Whom it may Concern Brett Dungan

CV Job Creation New Start Tourism Words of Wisdom

The Royal Bafokeng Nation

My new home!

Fedhasa Personal Tourism Words of Wisdom


Guy Matthews

Dust to Dust ! Ashes to Ashes! Eternal life is a given!
Travel well my friend and thank you for your guidance .
Love to all you leave behind !