The Retail Experience

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The Retail Experience

Spent the last 3 years with a group who’s focus was in the retail sector. Never thought the application of “widgets” would ever make so much sense.

Each sector has similar management and business challenges it’s only the “language “ that changes .

What an incredible base the tourism sector gave me on my journey through the different projects that I have had the privilege of experiencing.

I truly love the dynamics that “family” businesses present and understand that I am clearly good at managing those .

Thanks to all the Rencken family for taking the time to mentor and guide me through the specifics of retail , it was much appreciated and as I have noted previously these lessons are never unlearned!

So what’s next on this exciting journey we call life ?……

Big changes !

If the constants in life are DEATH ,TAXES and CHANGE

As a family we are going to tackle CHANGE !!

Jobs ,Careers,Houses,Cities,Countries everything

If we are going to succeed in this challenging and exciting world we just have to stay ahead of the curve .

Reference Letter from Mr Udo Rencken