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The wonders of the web can only be outweighed by the damage that it can do .
I have recently been expanding my portfolio and in that process recieved some strange questions during interviews about ethics and morals? While I am comfortable that I managed to deal with the questions effectively I couldn’t help to understand what had triggered them, so I asked and the answer was amazing.
In 2010 ,a women wrote a blog which was less than flattering about me and most importantly the facts untrue (a testimony by the numerous reference letters received post 2010 for my positive contributions to the industry from the likes of the  Minister of Tourism , TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa and other prominent tourism leaders )
I won’t give any credence to the actual blog by mentioning names ,but include a screenshot of the article below.

So as I have never met with this woman , I decided to research her and was relieved to find this article amongst others which certainly do not cast her in a positive light !

Anyway damage done and absolutely no way to understand what the effects of this have been on my life!

Please take care of what you say and write ,you have no idea how that may affect someone’s future.

More importantly take the time to establish what is the truth behind “facts and statements ” on the internet especially on sites where there are no verification check and balances required to make a statement!

As for me – if you want to know something about me please just ask , I have nothing to hide .