25 000 km – 1 year

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25 000 km – 1 year

1 year ago I decided to do something I had always dreamed about but never persued primarily due to issues that “other people ” for a variety of valid reasons had !
In June 2016 a number of life’s little messages came my way and made it clear to me that it was important for one to follow your heart and having no regrets for who you are and what you really want .

To those who understood, thank you . To those who made it unpleasant, I know it was for good intentions!


The bike where truly amazing, the trips where epic , the people we met amazing,the comradeship an experience of amazing kinship!

Seeing parts of the country not many do and the smells of the road will never be forgotten!

Do what makes you happy !

If it’s on a bike Ride Safe !

But most of all be kind , life is good and people are truly amazing if you only take the time to know them.

Two bikes ,25 000km between them and a lifetime of memories .