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Well I have done it!
In your face and bold ,no regrets life is to be lived!!!!!
What will you do with your time?


For me it is not only the sign of Aquarius it is also a sign of my individuality.

It forms two “W”‘s which remind me I have a wonderfull wife !
(or “MW” for Mean/Magnificent Wife depending on the mood!-These are some of the reasons I always have a smile on my face.LOL)

It deals with a habit I have of just eating for the sake of it.
As I lift food to my mouth I ask myself do I really need this or is it just a habit?
It forms an”M” and a “W” which reminds me that meat (protein) and water are what I should be eating!
and also on diets it forms an”W” and a “M” which reminds on the subject of diet subject that wheat is mean to me.

I have already lost 12KG, another 18KG to go ,all the product of an indulgent and excessive lifestyle.