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Time to Ride!

So with the kids at boarding school Samantha and I have decided to get out and explore about more of this beautiful country!   So how we going to do that you ask ? BMW K1600 GLT Executive So to do that you need to pass the learners exam which I can tell you is […]

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“If you love someone set them free !”

From Mom and I to Luke and Georgia To the most incredibly rounded kids I know! You make me proud every day and I am amazed at your attitudes to life , understanding of how things work and tenacity. This world is not easy and it’s only by making your place in it and working […]

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We take so much for granted in life and it is only when things are taken from us that we start to really appreciate just how privileged we where to have had them! Life Health Security Food Roof over our heads Beds to sleep Wake up and count your blessings as none of this is […]

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Be Responsible for the decisions that you make!

Every single decision that you make has a consequence! Good or bad these consequences are a result of your actions ! I choose not to think about bad decisions that I have made ,just decisions that had all the circumstances been the same , I would not have made again! Samantha,Luke and Georgia you are […]

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Samantha “wife” Dungan

My Wife

You complete me ! I Love you!

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My wife

It would not have been possible to do any of the things I have without her support ! Thank you Sam I love you and appreciate the freedom you have given to me to achieve my goals. Most importantly thanks for putting up with me ,looking after me and bringing up our beautiful children ! […]

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