Words of Wisdom

4 x the charm

So Turkey November 2022

An incredible event with incredible people

Sam and I completed our fourth Ironman 70.3 each !

Brett top row

Sam bottom row


Celebrating 80 years

This July 2016 we celebrated both my mother and fathers 80th Birthdays !
It was a family reunion where we gathered as a group from all the corners of the world!
Freezing cold weather outside , warmth and reminiscing inside , all in the magnificent Drakensberg with family and friends for the weekend .
Toasts and speeches of gratitude praise and respect where our small way of saying THANK YOU for everything that you have done for us .
Gratitude for the ability to be able to get together , being alive and living in an amazing country .


Bohemian Personal Tourism

Time to Ride!

So with the kids at boarding school Samantha and I have decided to get out and explore about more of this beautiful country!


So how we going to do that you ask ?

BMW K1600 GLT Executive image

So to do that you need to pass the learners exam which I can tell you is no easy feat!


That done it’s all the safety equipment and other touring essentials that are required.

The routes planed are Drakensberg ,Botswana and Namibia for now but who knows where we will end up?


Rustenburg is the perfect springboard for these adventures. Here’s to many safe kilometers and great adventures!


Personal Words of Wisdom


We take so much for granted in life and it is only when things are taken from us that we start to really appreciate just how privileged we where to have had them!

Roof over our heads
Beds to sleep

Wake up and count your blessings as none of this is promised, none of this is forever


New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

Be Responsible for the decisions that you make!

My WifeLuke Dungan20120228-203545.jpg

Every single decision that you make has a consequence! Good or bad these consequences are a result of your actions !

I choose not to think about bad decisions that I have made ,just decisions that had all the circumstances been the same , I would not have made again!

Samantha,Luke and Georgia you are the very best thing that has ever happened to me and I am truly humbled to be a part of your lives!

Bohemian New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

What’s really important ?


Would love to hear if you have other points for the list:

health and personal safety
material comforts
relationships with family
relationship with spouse or partner
having and raising children
having close friends
helping and encouraging others
understanding oneself
expressing oneself in a creative manner
socializing with others
reading, listening to music, watching sports events, and other entertainment
participating in active recreation
participating in activities relating to dealing with bigger issues like local and national government

Each of these headings has many aspects to evaluate, decide what’s important in each one and how to priorities them in your life!

Bohemian Job Creation New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

Free to be me !

I have been amazed recently in that I have met a number of women of all ages that have expressed a wish to desperately change their current situations!

It seems that the real issue is not the concern of how they got into the current positions but rather how do they get out ?

Not easy to do alone and I do not have all the answers but I do have an idea for a solution and believe that there is a way and know that there are people that can help .

You are not alone and you have the ability to make the changes you need and want.

The idea of this is to empower you in a manner that ensures that money is not a hurdle and that a safe place for support and growth are possible.

Make contact,and remember no matter what you have been led to believe women are truly a gift to the world that needs nurturing and protecting!

Be strong and take control!


Samantha “wife” Dungan

You complete me !
I Love you!


Personal Words of Wisdom

Georgia Robyn Anne Dungan

Free to be me ! Angel you are a truly free-spirit!
The animals of the world are soo lucky to have you and so am I.
I love that you have always know what you want and don’t let anyone ever change that .
Be happy and be all that you know you want to be , Always!
Love you Angel

Personal Words of Wisdom

Robert Luke Dungan

You can do anything !
I love you always Champ and am so proud of all you have already done and know that even though you have already done more than most do in a lifetime ,you have only just started on your journey!
Love and enjoy life ,live every day to the max and be a good person!