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3 x Ironman 70.3

So here we are 13 months after the first event and Samantha has just completed an amazing 70.3 here in Durban .

The first event is always the toughest mentally as you don’t know what to expect.

Never doubted her success for one second and pleased to now be doing the events together. What an amazing and healthy way to see the world.

The smile says it all!

So we off to Turkey in November to continue our journey!

It’s been a great way to get our group of school mates and respective partners together and been amazing to catch up .

It’s never to late to try , so see you out there soon .

Personal Words of Wisdom

Hero or Villain

It is an obvious assumption that we all carry out our lives in a manner that we think best exemplifies our persona and values! At a function recently it became apparent that we are infact both HERO and VILLAIN in stories depending on the circumstances .

Although it is becoming increasingly rare for people to take a stand on an issue , but  if  one actually does take a stand on an issue either way in whatever situation your decision will inevitably create either a positive (HERO) or negative (VILLAIN ) consequence for those involved.

So then understand that you are as likely to be a HERO as a VILLAIN in the story of those with whom you have had  interactions through your personal and business life !

To those that I’m the HERO :

-thank you for allowing me to help and be of assistance

To those that I’m the VILLAIN :

-I am really sorry that your perception of the situation and me has been a issue and I sincerely hope that your anger and viewpoint has not soured your outlook on life and if it has then please accept my apology for causing you any angst




Bohemian New Start Personal

Ironman 70.3 Durban

At our 30th school reunion an idea to do a “BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS “ goal was born!

Not too sure how we ended up deciding but the Ironman event on 3 June 2018 was chosen.

1,9km swim in the ocean

90km ride

21,5 km run

70.3 miles in total , one after the other !

Well long story short , we did it ! 4 did the individual event and 3 entered as a team .


CBC Old Boys


What an incredible day it was , the human spirit just incredible and the personal goals achieved-just remarkable.

Thanks to all that made it possible as it was a life-changer!

whats next ?

Well Sydney 70.3 on 25 November of course…..

Training begins today !


Bohemian Personal Tourism

Time to Ride!

So with the kids at boarding school Samantha and I have decided to get out and explore about more of this beautiful country!


So how we going to do that you ask ?

BMW K1600 GLT Executive image

So to do that you need to pass the learners exam which I can tell you is no easy feat!


That done it’s all the safety equipment and other touring essentials that are required.

The routes planed are Drakensberg ,Botswana and Namibia for now but who knows where we will end up?


Rustenburg is the perfect springboard for these adventures. Here’s to many safe kilometers and great adventures!


New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

“If you love someone set them free !”

From Mom and I to Luke and Georgia

To the most incredibly rounded kids I know!

You make me proud every day and I am amazed at your attitudes to life , understanding of how things work and tenacity.

This world is not easy and it’s only by making your place in it and working smart and hard that you will succeed and be truly happy! Traits you both posses .

Nothing is nicer than getting compliments about your kids and you guys certainly shine in accomplishing that wherever you go!

You have already done more than most do in a lifetime and remember that only you can make you happy so enjoy every moment and just be the best “you”!

Letting you go was the toughest thing your mom and I have ever had to do but seeing you flourish has made that sacrifice worth every bit of the heartache.

Know we are always here for you and love you soo very much!

Lots of Love
Mom and Dad



CV Personal

Who I am , and what I’ve done so far!

Cell:​​083 444 1222
Nationality:​South African
Marital Status:​Married
Languages:​English and Afrikaans

• Business Strategy
• Business Operations Management
• Marketing Management
• Financial Management
• People Management
• Knowledge Management
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Extensive Hospitality Industry Experience
• Event Management
• Lobbying and Networking
• Government Relations Management
• Stakeholder / Relationship Management
• Public Relations
• Project, People & Contract Management

• Insightful and Sees The Bigger Picture
• Creative and Can Multi Task
• Assertive and Goal Orientated
• Communication, Interpersonal & Networking Skills
• Negotiating, Teamwork and Listening Skills
• Highly Innovative With Lateral Thinking Ability

1992 ​Various BCom Subjects
​Rhodes University
1989​ Matriculated
​Christian Brothers College Pretoria

2003 – 2013​ FEDHASA’s youngest ever chairman ​​and CEO​
2010​ Played a major role in hosting the 2010 World ​Cup
1999​ The Young Hotelier of the World Award
​International Hotel & Restaurant Association

Brett Dungan
Curriculum Vitae


Senior Business Executive (CEO, COO), Board Member and Chairperson with extensive operations and management experience in the Hospitality, Information Technology and Motor Industries.

• TBCSA, Tourism Business Council of SA
• SAT, South African Tourism
• Match Advisory Board
• Tourism Grading Council of SA
• TradeRoot Technologies
• Travelbuy
• Kiara Holdings
• Imvelo- Responsible Tourism Awards
• FEDHASA National Board and Group Hotel Committee.


Highly experienced Business Executive offering 24 years operations and management experience in Hospitality, IT and Automotive sectors.

I started out in the motor industry where I achieved numerous performance distinctions. In 1991 I ventured into the Hospitality where I was involved in both hotel operations and management roles. In 1999 I was awarded the Young Hotelier of The Year Award by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association. Between 2003 and 2012 I was FEDHASA’s youngest ever Chairman and CEO.

A versatile business professional with and entrepreneurial flair, I have successfully held equity and managed TradeRoot Technologies, an IT company based in Cape Town.

Established track record of harnessing relationships into tangible financial value. Strong acumen in Business Strategy, Governance, Lobbying, Networking, Relationship Management, People, Operations and Quality Management.


Period:​​May 2016 to present
Company:​Royal Bafokeng Tourism

Position:​Hospitality Principle
Period:​​May 2013 to 2016
Company:​Royal Bafokeng Institute

Period:​​July 2012 – May 2013

Position:​Chief Operating Officer
Period:​​February 2002 – October 2012
Scope of Work Done:
• Operations and restructuring

Position:​Chief Executive Officer
Period:​​January 2003 – December 2011
Scope of Work Done:
• Public sector Hospitality relationship management with Government representative body for the Southern Africa Hospitality Industry

Position:​Managing Director
Period:​​January 1996 – December 2010
Company:​Kiara Holdings
Scope of Work Done:
Planet Hotels- The Castle Kyalami, Kiara Lodge, MotorYacht Kiara, Cayley Lodge, The Estuary, Buffalo Lodge, Nyleti Lodge and Lapeng Hotel and Conference Centre
• Restructure of Traderoot Technologies e-Commerce solutions for various verticals of industry
• Particularly strong at consolidation reporting for legacy systems
• Young Hotelier of the World 2000. International Hotel and Restaurant Association

Management Trainee, January 1992 – January 1996, Barlows Motor Holdings

The Castle Kyalami (Link)
January 2001 – December 2002
• From purchase of a home on auction to sale of developed boutique hotel

Motor Yacht Kiara (Link)
January 2003 – December 2004
• Refit and business development of Motor Yacht Kiara in South Africa from inception to sale

Evert P. Botha RS
Chief Operating Officer at Embee Diamond Technologies, Inc.
“As an entrepreneur, Brett was an inspiration to me and I really gained a tremendous amount of understanding about payment switching technology as well as some tourism knowledge thrown in”.
April 7, 2008, Evert P. was with another company when working with Brett at Kiara Holdings

Edwin Roberts
Founder and CEO at TouchToLearn int’l
“Brett has been a steadfast business partner for several years. We’ve worked on numerous initiatives in the hospitality and travel industry, more specifically in the realm of innovative transaction switching services”.
August 15, 2007, Edwin was with another company when working with Brett at Kiara Holdings

Personal Words of Wisdom


We take so much for granted in life and it is only when things are taken from us that we start to really appreciate just how privileged we where to have had them!

Roof over our heads
Beds to sleep

Wake up and count your blessings as none of this is promised, none of this is forever


CV Fedhasa Personal Tourism


What an incredible recommendation!

It is only once you start to document/collate/record the things that you have done that you realise your achievements.

You also realise more than ever it is actually the people that you work with and those that support you that make those achievements all possible!

Click on the link below to read the letter of reference from Jaime Byrom

To Whom it may Concern Brett Dungan

CV Personal


It is with great pride that I look back over the last 42 years
and see what has been achieved.

I am the generation that for various economic and social reasons had huge
responsibility entrusted on them 25 years ahead of their predecessors .

It has obviously been tremendous to have been in these fantastic
positions but with that comes a personal requirement to manage the pace
of our lives as well as how the chapters of it fit together.

As I see it I have just completed the first half of my life ( …all been equal !)

-20 years on education and learning ones place in both life and society

-20 years working your way up the corporate ladder to lead industries, however
there is NO way that one can expect that you would be able to add value to any
organisation by staying in a leadership position for another 20 or 30 years
without stagnating !

SO …today I see myself starting off on the next 20 year journey refreshed and with
the energy and enthusiasm of a 20 year old going to make his mark on the world and
have promised myself that:

-I will be looking to LEARN about new things and new ways to do things ..

-I will be looking to USE what I do know to the best possible effect, no matter what I do..

-I will be looking to SHARE what I have learnt with others who welcome it, so that the
wheel need not be re-invented ..

I am Brett Dungan and this is what I have done so far!

Cell: +27 (0) 83 444 1222

Website :


General Information

Date of birth : 11th February 1970
Country of Birth : Zimbabwe
Passports held : South African and Irish

Health : Very Good

Marital status : Married to Samantha 15 years two children

Languages : English and Afrikaans

Drivers license : Yes

Education : B Comm : various subjects

Business at Rhodes University



2002 – 2012 TradeRoot Technologies (Pty) Ltd :
Information Technology, E-Commerce and services industry.

COO position responsible for Operations and restructure.

Particularly strong at consolidation reporting for legacy systems.

Founding member TradeRoot Africa

Director of Traderoot Technologies – Cape Town, now operating into Africa with global expansion programmes underway

  • Director – TradeRoot Technologies
  • Director – Travelbuy
  • Director – ITIS
  • Director – Betterview


2007- 2011 CEO of FEDHASA – National Management Board

Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa

  • Association media spokesperson
  • National board executive
  • Parliamentary industry representative
  • Association representative on – FEDHASA Group Hotel Committee , Tourism Business Council, Grading Council and South African Tourism


  • Public sector hospitality relationship management with government representative body for the Southern African hospitality industry


1996 – 2010 : Kiara Holdings

Managing Director – Planet Hotels Pty) Ltd

  • Motor Yacht Kiara 2005 – 2009

Refit and business development of Motor Yacht Kiara in South Africa frominception to sale


  • The Castle Kyalami (upgraded & refurbished) 2002 – 2009

From purchase of a home on auction to sale of developed boutique hotel


  • Cayley Lodge 1992 – 2000

(Kiara Holdings acquired Kiara Lodge)


  • The Estuary 2002 – 2005
  • Buffalo Lodge 2000 – 2007
  • Nyleti Lodge 2000 – 2007
  • Kiara Lodge 1992 – 2000


1989 –1992 : Barlows Motor Holding – Sandton Toyota

Trainee Manager


1986 – 1989 : Barlows Equipment Company

(Sole Distributor – Caterpillar Earth Moving Equipment)

Part-time employment




Chairmanships : Chairman – Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards


: Chairman- Fleetwood Homeowners’ Association

2008 – 2011

: Chairman – Sandton Tourism Association

2007 – 2009

: Chairman – FEDHASA National Management Board

(Youngest ever – FEDHASA Chairman)

2003 – 2006

: Chairman of SAACI Kwa-Zulu Natal

(South African Association for the Conference Industry)

2000 – 2001

Directorships : Director & General Manager TradeRoot


Restructure and set up of Traderoot Africa, ITIS, Betterview and Travelbuy

  • TradeRoot Africa
  • Betterview
  • Travel Buy
  • ITIS



: Director of Complete Food Solutions

  • Director of Caraville Leisure Pty Ltd.

2002 – 2011


Managing Director Kiara Holdings

Holding Company of Planet Hotels

  • Cayley Lodge -Development of 52 stands
  • Kiara Lodge – Building of Kyalami Castle, Group restructure and acquisition of Motor Yacht Kiara
  • Lapeng Events and Conference Center, Game Farms & Estuary



Boards : Association Board member

            • South African Tourism
            • Tourism Business Council of SA
            • Tourism Grading Council of SA


2010 – 2010 : 2010 Fifa Match Advisory Board

2009 – 2011


: FEDHASA East Coast

2000 – 2002

: Guide Dogs Association

2007 – 2009

: Johannesburg Tourism Association

2004 – 2006


: Cathkin Park Town Council

2000 – 2002


Award : (IH&RA) International Hotel and Restaurant Association



Skills and expertise

People skills
Executive management
Marketing management
Relationship management
Operational excellence
Logical thinker
Multi tasking
Practical planning
Corporate governance





1984 – 1988

Christian Brothers College – Matriculated with Exemption


1988 – 1990

Rhodes University – Grahamstown

Law, Economics, Business Administration


1991 – Toyota Dealership Course

Sales Management and presentation skills

Achieved Management diploma – Top Student


1991 – Advanced Motor Vehicle Finance


1992 – 1993 : UNISA Dealership Management Diploma


1996 – IMM Tourism & Travel Marketing Course


1999 – The International Hotel School

Convention Management and Service Developed by the Education Institute and the American Motel and Hotel Association.





Reference Source:

Google Search on “Brett Dungan”






14th October 2011



Brett Dungan




Dear Brett




It is with sadness that I have the responsibility as Chairman of the National Management Board, to acknowledge and accept your resignation from FEDHASA with effect from 31st December 2011.


We salute your efforts in having managed the process of positively restructuring of the association with undying passion and drive. Your guidance, contribution and industry representation during your extended term of office has been greatly appreciated and we thank you for your continued dedication in serving the association since 2004.


May I take this opportunity on behalf of the members of the National Management Board, the regional and national staff members to extend our sincerest gratitude for having had the privilege of working with you and in bidding you farewell, wish you only further success in your future endeavours.


I know that the industry, media, FEDHASA membership and all the friends you have built over time will miss you. When they give us hard time, I will mobilise all my colleagues to call for your return.



Yours sincerely



Eddy Khosa

National Chairman

/NO.EK.BD resignation acceptance 2011


CV Fedhasa Job Creation Tourism Words of Wisdom

Letter to TBCSA Board and CEO’s Forum

I have taken my roles on the various boards very seriously and have had time to reflect on what I believe, needs to be done in order to achieve an independent and credible private sector for tourism. Once this is achieved the definition of the public sectors role in creating the platform for us to deliver should be far more defined.
In no particular order –
• The chairman of the TBCSA should be absolutely independent of any tourism or political influences, and I believe this should be a paid position as it will require a huge amount of focus and time and can no longer be expected to be done pro bono.
• Any board position should come along with an absolute declaration of interests in the sector and related businesses;
• The CEO’s forum should be a stand-alone entity and be the mechanism for feedback between the associations and the TBCSA – the TBCSA should only be one point on this forum’s agenda;
• The TBCSA chairman/CEO should have the absolute right to question and criticize the NDT;
• The NDT should only communicate to the industry through the TBCSA;
• The NTSS has two clear deliveries, one by private sector and one by the public sector -these should not be a combined effort, but a platform should be created for each of these sectors to report back on their efforts to a central co-ordinator that is in a position to comment on these efforts independently and without reprise;
• The board of SA Tourism have no function other than to ‘rubber stamp’ decisions made by the NDT and SAT – I recommend that private sector do not sit on this board as it places them in a precarious position if they have any tourism interests;
• Clear cut associations need to represent their members and we need to move away from duplication of attendance of meetings (this will be better managed if there is a single conduit of information by the TBCSA);
• The NDT is creating an enormous department with an agenda that may not necessarily dove-tail with that of the private sector. This will result in many more ‘million room’ projects which government will expect the private sector to deliver. The KPIs of these government departments should be clearly understood so that the private sector does not spend its time and energy delivering on the jobs of government employees;
• In the coming together to deliver ‘that’ event in 2010, we lost sight of what it was that our specific jobs were and I would encourage everyone in our industry to not only define what it is that they do, but to publicly communicate this to others within the industry.
Please accept this mail in the light it is intended and accept my apologies for the meeting as I have been advised of late that my mindset has made me a little disruptive.
I have had a most remarkable time with some wonderful people and look forward to our future interactions.
Yours sincerely