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We often forget that we can actually say NO.

I often hear people moaning about this and that and how they HAVE to go somewhere or do something that they are not particularly excited about .

Every decision that we make has a resultant consequence . It is up to each of us to decide which actions are to our benifit and which are to our detriment .

Only you can decide and only you will need to account for the decision you make!

We use the information we have at our disposal to best mitigate the outcome and can’t rely on hindsight at the time .

Be true to yourself always and have the conviction of your thoughts to do what’s best for you !

One thing is for sure , too many people do things to please others without regard for their own wellbeing and sanity!

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Malicious web article

The wonders of the web can only be outweighed by the damage that it can do .
I have recently been expanding my portfolio and in that process recieved some strange questions during interviews about ethics and morals? While I am comfortable that I managed to deal with the questions effectively I couldn’t help to understand what had triggered them, so I asked and the answer was amazing.
In 2010 ,a women wrote a blog which was less than flattering about me and most importantly the facts untrue (a testimony by the numerous reference letters received post 2010 for my positive contributions to the industry from the likes of the  Minister of Tourism , TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa and other prominent tourism leaders )
I won’t give any credence to the actual blog by mentioning names ,but include a screenshot of the article below.

So as I have never met with this woman , I decided to research her and was relieved to find this article amongst others which certainly do not cast her in a positive light !

Anyway damage done and absolutely no way to understand what the effects of this have been on my life!

Please take care of what you say and write ,you have no idea how that may affect someone’s future.

More importantly take the time to establish what is the truth behind “facts and statements ” on the internet especially on sites where there are no verification check and balances required to make a statement!

As for me – if you want to know something about me please just ask , I have nothing to hide .

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Another successful project!

Royal Bafokeng Nation
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25 000 km – 1 year

1 year ago I decided to do something I had always dreamed about but never persued primarily due to issues that “other people ” for a variety of valid reasons had !
In June 2016 a number of life’s little messages came my way and made it clear to me that it was important for one to follow your heart and having no regrets for who you are and what you really want .

To those who understood, thank you . To those who made it unpleasant, I know it was for good intentions!


The bike where truly amazing, the trips where epic , the people we met amazing,the comradeship an experience of amazing kinship!

Seeing parts of the country not many do and the smells of the road will never be forgotten!

Do what makes you happy !

If it’s on a bike Ride Safe !

But most of all be kind , life is good and people are truly amazing if you only take the time to know them.

Two bikes ,25 000km between them and a lifetime of memories .

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Redeployment within the Royal Bafokeng Nation

I came to the Royal Bafokeng 4 years ago and am very proud of what we have achieved during this time in reaching our mandate for both the nation as which was focused both on presentation and sustainability of the tourism assets under its control and personally with these amazing people.

I have been fortunate through my hospitality experience to have learnt and embraced a variety of skills and knowledge of many industries and technologies. As a result of that I have been redeployed by Kgosi (King) within the group to spearhead innovation projects that will assist the Nation in achieving its vision for the future!

Looking forward to this next exciting chapter and all that it will involve .

Tap on pic to read note  from Kgosi to the Board Chairman


Celebrating 80 years

This July 2016 we celebrated both my mother and fathers 80th Birthdays !
It was a family reunion where we gathered as a group from all the corners of the world!
Freezing cold weather outside , warmth and reminiscing inside , all in the magnificent Drakensberg with family and friends for the weekend .
Toasts and speeches of gratitude praise and respect where our small way of saying THANK YOU for everything that you have done for us .
Gratitude for the ability to be able to get together , being alive and living in an amazing country .


Personal Words of Wisdom

My Father

What words could ever describe a man that has given up everything for his family, who has taught us all the importance of family and always put us first. A man that has worked tirelessly to elevate the family’s stature and made sure the Dungan name is linked to success , integrity and positive contributions to the world!


Whatever you do , do well!

Carte Blanche to be whatever you want just be great at it!
Could be prophetic or great planning but all things always work out for a reason .
Trust the universe and live everyday as if it’s your last.

From all of us Dad THANK YOU for everything you have done for us , it is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted !

It’s been an amazing time working with you and I think we can be proud of what we have done !

Luke and Georgia know you and will never forget the lessons you have taught them.

Our Jaquzzi time will never be forgotten and just knowing you where there for me has given me confidence to do things I would never have taken on myself !

Love you always

Mom and Dad an amazing team without whom none of our achievements would have been possible !


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Time to Ride!

So with the kids at boarding school Samantha and I have decided to get out and explore about more of this beautiful country!


So how we going to do that you ask ?

BMW K1600 GLT Executive image

So to do that you need to pass the learners exam which I can tell you is no easy feat!


That done it’s all the safety equipment and other touring essentials that are required.

The routes planed are Drakensberg ,Botswana and Namibia for now but who knows where we will end up?


Rustenburg is the perfect springboard for these adventures. Here’s to many safe kilometers and great adventures!


Words of Wisdom

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – 1939

This song is truly amazing and always makes me appreciate everything in my life and also gives me strength to deal with any issues that come my way !

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