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Craig David Brett

On the 22 November 2019 we said “till later “ to our proud,strong, kind and brave brother

-Rest in Peace Tiger

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3 x Ironman 70.3

So here we are 13 months after the first event and Samantha has just completed an amazing 70.3 here in Durban .

The first event is always the toughest mentally as you don’t know what to expect.

Never doubted her success for one second and pleased to now be doing the events together. What an amazing and healthy way to see the world.

The smile says it all!

So we off to Turkey in November to continue our journey!

It’s been a great way to get our group of school mates and respective partners together and been amazing to catch up .

It’s never to late to try , so see you out there soon .

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The Retail Experience

Spent the last 3 years with a group who’s focus was in the retail sector. Never thought the application of “widgets” would ever make so much sense.

Each sector has similar management and business challenges it’s only the “language “ that changes .

What an incredible base the tourism sector gave me on my journey through the different projects that I have had the privilege of experiencing.

I truly love the dynamics that “family” businesses present and understand that I am clearly good at managing those .

Thanks to all the Rencken family for taking the time to mentor and guide me through the specifics of retail , it was much appreciated and as I have noted previously these lessons are never unlearned!

So what’s next on this exciting journey we call life ?……

Big changes !

If the constants in life are DEATH ,TAXES and CHANGE

As a family we are going to tackle CHANGE !!

Jobs ,Careers,Houses,Cities,Countries everything

If we are going to succeed in this challenging and exciting world we just have to stay ahead of the curve .

Reference Letter from Mr Udo Rencken

Personal Words of Wisdom

Georgia SA Track Champs 2019

When an adult gets to the Cape Town Velodrome and looks at the steeply banked curves there is usually a look of fear and angst on their faces .

Imagine then 6 years ago as parents of a 10 year old daughter your heart when she says “ well can I get my bike so I can have a go at it ?”

Not only does she hold SA records for her passion and efforts but has established  a group of friends that will make any social platform jealous .

A fantastic performance with 6 medals from amongst your toughest competition to date .

Georgia you have an amazing determination and know just what you want out of life ! Most importantly you know just how to make it happen.

They say track is the purists cycling choice and lessons learnt on track are bound to be life lessons that will hold her in good stead her whole life forward.

Georgia we are proud of you and all that you are .



New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

Ironman Sydney 70.3

So yes ANYTHING is possible!!!

We did it . Our second 70.3 Ironman

Remember our “big hairy audacious goal” from the 30th school reunion? Well part 2 was doing the next event 6 months later .

We decided on Sydney in November 2018 as it was voted the number 1 event worldwide .

So friends of 35 years Gordon, Marc and I set off to


We had a blast and now that the bug has bitten  we are on a role .

What an amazing day , the sportsmanship and support is just incredible and leaves an impact on one that lasts a lifetime.

So a laugh was had by all especially when at registration one of the volunteers dealing with registration sweetly informed me “ Sir the athlete needs to collect his own entry “

The look on her face when I said “ I am the athlete , are you saying I’m FAT ?”….

Priceless moment and of course my friends and family didn’t let me forget that for awhile!

So open invitation we on for 70.3 Durban 2019

All welcome to join . Get off the couch , it’s possible!

Personal Words of Wisdom

Hero or Villain

It is an obvious assumption that we all carry out our lives in a manner that we think best exemplifies our persona and values! At a function recently it became apparent that we are infact both HERO and VILLAIN in stories depending on the circumstances .

Although it is becoming increasingly rare for people to take a stand on an issue , but  if  one actually does take a stand on an issue either way in whatever situation your decision will inevitably create either a positive (HERO) or negative (VILLAIN ) consequence for those involved.

So then understand that you are as likely to be a HERO as a VILLAIN in the story of those with whom you have had  interactions through your personal and business life !

To those that I’m the HERO :

-thank you for allowing me to help and be of assistance

To those that I’m the VILLAIN :

-I am really sorry that your perception of the situation and me has been a issue and I sincerely hope that your anger and viewpoint has not soured your outlook on life and if it has then please accept my apology for causing you any angst




Bohemian CV New Start Personal Words of Wisdom

Setting Goals

So the next leg of the big Hairy Audacious Goal reaches its peak .

The second Ironman 70.3 is about to be tackled in Sydney on 25 November 2018

Will it be easy ?  NO

Will it be a long day ? YES

Will it be something that changes me as a person? YES DEFINITELY

You see I am no athlete!

What I have learnt living in Africa is that if you want to eat an Elephant the only way it happens is by doing it one mouthful at a time .

You can do ANYTHING !

I have taught my kids that , and live by that !

I want people to know that your mind not your body determines what you can achieve.

Dream BIG live your DREAMS and have fun doing it !

Love to all and thanks for the “support and care” in this part of my journey.

Bohemian New Start Personal

Ironman 70.3 Durban

At our 30th school reunion an idea to do a “BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS “ goal was born!

Not too sure how we ended up deciding but the Ironman event on 3 June 2018 was chosen.

1,9km swim in the ocean

90km ride

21,5 km run

70.3 miles in total , one after the other !

Well long story short , we did it ! 4 did the individual event and 3 entered as a team .


CBC Old Boys


What an incredible day it was , the human spirit just incredible and the personal goals achieved-just remarkable.

Thanks to all that made it possible as it was a life-changer!

whats next ?

Well Sydney 70.3 on 25 November of course…..

Training begins today !


New Start Personal Words of Wisdom


We often forget that we can actually say NO.

I often hear people moaning about this and that and how they HAVE to go somewhere or do something that they are not particularly excited about .

Every decision that we make has a resultant consequence . It is up to each of us to decide which actions are to our benifit and which are to our detriment .

Only you can decide and only you will need to account for the decision you make!

We use the information we have at our disposal to best mitigate the outcome and can’t rely on hindsight at the time .

Be true to yourself always and have the conviction of your thoughts to do what’s best for you !

One thing is for sure , too many people do things to please others without regard for their own wellbeing and sanity!

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Malicious web article

The wonders of the web can only be outweighed by the damage that it can do .
I have recently been expanding my portfolio and in that process recieved some strange questions during interviews about ethics and morals? While I am comfortable that I managed to deal with the questions effectively I couldn’t help to understand what had triggered them, so I asked and the answer was amazing.
In 2010 ,a women wrote a blog which was less than flattering about me and most importantly the facts untrue (a testimony by the numerous reference letters received post 2010 for my positive contributions to the industry from the likes of the  Minister of Tourism , TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa and other prominent tourism leaders )
I won’t give any credence to the actual blog by mentioning names ,but include a screenshot of the article below.

So as I have never met with this woman , I decided to research her and was relieved to find this article amongst others which certainly do not cast her in a positive light !

Anyway damage done and absolutely no way to understand what the effects of this have been on my life!

Please take care of what you say and write ,you have no idea how that may affect someone’s future.

More importantly take the time to establish what is the truth behind “facts and statements ” on the internet especially on sites where there are no verification check and balances required to make a statement!

As for me – if you want to know something about me please just ask , I have nothing to hide .